News release: MineKnowledge Launches Expert-Powered Data Mining Service for Data Sets on Demand

We submitted a press release at PRweb earlier today, the full text is also reproduced below while you also may download the release here (.pdf). 

MineKnowledge announces the launch of the simplest data mining service available. Its single aim is to reveal secrets out of data, while removing all of the elements that made this process unattractive and its results obscure so far. MineKnowledge just requests an email with the data set attached, and then within a week delivers a full analysis report. The latter comes up with the latent patterns of the submitted data set unveiled, using terminology-free, illustrative writing. MineKnowledge stands in the shoulders of artificial intelligence algorithms and the company of the very human intelligence of its data engineers, who put their hands on each of the data set submitted to secure discovering the most insightful of the potential outcomes.

Athens, Greece (PRWEB) November 19, 2008 — Data stands as the least biased and most valuable input to decision making, the purest source of insights and knowledge. Today, data is generated, stored and used at an unprecedented rate and volume. Typical tools available to interpret such data, including common statistical and survey reports, cannot respond efficiently to the hurdles today’s volume of data and required in-depth analysis pose. Data Mining appears as the solution. It can be visualized as a process of searching for treasure buried in the sand or digging up rock to mine for gold – thus ‘mining’. In this case, the rock stands for data and the gold are the insights and knowledge hidden within the data set. But, from now on, one doesn’t need to be a miner to come up with the treasures, nor spent significant amounts of time to understand either the tools in use or their results.

MineKnowledge comes to the rescue. A rock solid answer to the problem is presented, an easy, fast and secure solution, relieving from all the things that are not needed to know or waste time on, while highlighting what really matters, the rules and patterns revealed out of the data. A capable team of data engineers with strong research and practical expertise on the topic will receive the data set sent with something as simple as an email, and start experimenting and fine tuning an extended bunch of machine learning algorithms, to finally come up with the most insightful of the patterns revealed and illustrated.

The data set formats approved include .xls, .csv and .txt, also a non disclosure agreement may be provided upon request, while, no matter of the data set’s size, a MineKnowledge analysis report costs €500, which may be submitted via paypal, and is returned in the customer’s inbox within a week. More information on the problem, process and solution provided, as well as the team and various case studies, are available in

About MineKnowledge:
MineKnowledge is a group of skillful and passionate data engineers, each one holding an engineering diploma from NTUA and an MSc or PhD in Applied Math, Statistics or Operations Research. MineKnowledge is located in Athens, Greece and London, UK.

George Tziralis, co-founder and data engineer
+30 6937 122 065

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