Market research

You interview lots of people, you conduct focus groups and send more or less structured questionnaires. At the end of the day, you gather lots of data and you are expected to deliver great insights and outstanding results. We help you do better and more.

Surveys, a photo by flickr and hfabulous

Surveys, a photo by flickr and hfabulous

Mineknowledge builds upon your data to provide you and essentially your clients with extra layers of analysis, bringing latent conclusions to light and the added value of your services to levels you hadn’t experience before. Putting machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to your service, we also take care and filter out any extra complexity, providing you with filtered and easily comprehensible results, ready to append for end user consumption.

Some descriptive examples of our analyses include:

  • multi-variable pattern extraction and high level interpretation
  • segmentation of users, products etc
  • predictive rules
  • behavior modelling

To get a more clear view, you may just take a closer look at the indicative cases provided here, or you may just email us at to work together on the details.

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