Inventory management is your daily business. Optimized usage of your limited resources is your holy grail. At the same time, you are drowning in data, still thirsting for the actionable knowledge you can extract and directly utilize out of it. And that’s just what Mineknowledge is about to offer.

photo by flickr & user nutmeg

photo by flickr & user nutmeg

Supply chain management is tough. Products come and go, inventory grows and shrinks, but you have yet to take action on the patterns (that you observe) taking shape over time. Simultaneously, both inventory and opportunity costs increase, while monitoring data get accumulated along with wasted opportunities for performance improvements.

We can help you turn such data into actionable insights and tap on the knowledge lying beyond. Logs of inventory input and output, data per product, retailer, area or time period, in short any dataset ranging from a simple excel file to a huge database can help us to deliver tangible recommendations and you to improve the efficiency of your daily business. Examples of outcomes may include:

- Improved estimates of demand per unit of interest (quantity, price, date etc)
- Pattern extraction of what triggers desirable results, or not
- Key performance indicators structuring and correlation to measurements of interest
- Specific advice and recommendations on improving performance across the supply chain

If you want to bring the level of your business intelligence from monitoring to action, Mineknowledge helps you deliver; contact us for more at goATmineknowledge.com

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