George Tziralis

George Tziralis, 27, has received a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Operations Research from the National Technical University of Athens. With an outstanding Diploma Thesis on predicting the greek stock market utilizing Machine Learning techniques, his PhD research followed naturally to cover the wider area of Forecasting, ranging from Econometrics and Time Series Analysis to Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence. His research endeavors focus on the topic of prediction markets, with a number of significant academic contributions. He also teaches Algorithms for Pattern Recognition at the NTUA’s post-graduate program of Applied Mathematical Sciences, in a learning experience fully incorporated into a collaborative blog.

George originated the idea of bringing research into practice and academic excellence into the enterprise world. He normally serves as the acting CEO of MineKnowledge Ltd.

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    I want to see more professional profile pictures with blue backround. :)
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    Happy New Year CEO & Team