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Every day you are dealing with crucial decisions like providing credit cards and loans or not, how much should the credit or insurance limit be and so forth, each time depending on your data and relationship with the customer. We can help you be more efficient and comfortable with your frequent decisions.

credit card, by flickr and user barsen

credit card, by flickr and user barsen

Mineknowledge has the tools, experience and expertise to securely study the data you have accumulated over time, extract hidden patterns of client behavior and come back to you with actionable insights and recommendations for each one of your existing or aspiring clients. Here are some more details of our banking & insurance services:

  • Customer segmentation: Identify customers with predefined characteristics. The aim is to find the most profitable and least profitable segments in order to create products and services, which can be specifically marketed and sold to those segments.
  • Credit risk: Reduce risk in portfolio, develop scoring models that reduce loses by predicting bad loans, understand the profile of “good” customers in order to maximize profits, also reduce risk which comes from misbehavior (like fraud cases)
  • Targeted sales: Understand each customer’s business opportunities and risks as a base for more efficient and profitable personalized interactions.
  • Marketing and sales actions support: Extract data from the company’s data warehouse and highlight customers with specific characteristics in order to exploit it in CRM Campaigns and other marketing channels.

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