You used to think of column graphs and pies as the most insightful views you could expect from a data analysis. You’ll probably change your mind.

Here’s an example outcome, of a simple survey analysis.

If color = yellow then buy = yes

Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s say it refers to answers gathered through a survey, or stored in your enterprise database. A typical analysis will finally come up with some graphs, like the ones following.

And you’re probably used to consider the analysis contributing a graph like the above as, well, fruitful. Same for the following one.

But, the question remains. Is that the most you can expect from a data set analysis? Have you actually gain deep insights from your data? The answer is a clear no. Let us show you why.

What follows is a set of rules that emerge from a proper mineknowledge analysis, even for a data set as oversimplified as the above example. Try this graph:

or, maybe this set of rules:

If color = yellow then buy = yes
If color = red then buy = yes
If color = white then buy = yes
If color = green then buy = no
If color = blue then buy = no
If color = black then buy = no

See the difference between the almost obvious and the really insightful?

Go find out more in a complete typical mineknowledge report. Yes, this is what your own data set will look like, just after a week. Still considering it? Check out our blog for more case studies. And send us your data, now.